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Emotions are complicated but they can be made simple, if we pay attention. What’s the difference between “thinking” verses “knowing?” Most of the time in life we find ourselves in trouble because we “think” we [...]

The Master Key

The difference between love and friendship to me is like having different keys. They all may open doors, some only one, others may seem to fit the grooves but won’t turn… but one is a [...]


Most likely when the word dancing comes to mind we all think of a beat, some kind of fluid motion, or in some cases a jerky and down right embarrassing motion that moves in opposition [...]


Remember the type writer, 16 oz sodas, rock candy, dittos, and the T.V. sets where you had to turn the dial and if you broke the antenna you just used a clothes hanger to fix [...]

The One

“I like hanging out with this one, but I am just not attracted to him sexually”, and “this one is hot but he’s an ass”, and “this one can rock my world like nobody in [...]

Theory of Love

At first it is one of the greatest discoveries in life, with endless dream – like qualities and characteristics. Love at first is full of smiles, wonders, hope, optimism, and praise, somehow making its way around the [...]

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