Remember the type writer, 16 oz sodas, rock candy, dittos, and the T.V. sets where you had to turn the dial and if you broke the antenna you just used a clothes hanger to fix the reception. How about the spin dial phone, cassette tapes, records, tube socks, and lets not forget about those wonderful color combinations on those socks like orange and black.

Look around it may not seem like much has changed but take a tour of your house and think about what things were like ten and twenty years ago. We want so much in life that often times we forget how far we have come and just how much “New Stuff” we have acquired. Sometimes in life it’s important to say “I may not have all that I want but I should be thankful for the fact that I have all that I need.”

Need verses Want is often confused because material things are so readily available. Want is that feeling or desire for something, while need is a mandatory requirement. In other words, our needs are met with so little effort that we have forgotten the difference between the things we need when compared to the thing we want.  A roof over your head, food in your tummy, clothes on your back, and a loving family are mere dreams for some in other countries!

Remember the roll down car window, and the back seat that was basically a couch that the manufacture stuck in the car. How about penny candy, clocks that were not digital and let’s not forget about those amazing radio dials where it was almost impossible to find the right channel. Today’s message is just to remind us on those days that we feel stressed or less accomplished that if we take time to look at life we will understand just how blessed we are. Don’t ever forget that no matter how bad a day we are having there is still so much more to life. Look around go have a sandwich and a glass of your favorite drink for lunch today. Give yourself a hand because things have changed if you take the time to notice!