At first it is one of the greatest discoveries in life, with endless dream – like qualities and characteristics. Love at first is full of smiles, wonders, hope, optimism, and praise, somehow making its way around the universe to touch each one of us at least once.

So why is there such a monumental mystery surrounding the true meaning of love? Well, I have a theory. Most of us spend a lifetime chasing what we “think” we know and “desire,” while ignoring our true feelings that are truly being dictated by our body’s actions and reactions. In other words, most of the time it is more about what we like and what we want, and not so much about what we feel. The human body is a very complex device that works extremely well without human intervention. For example, most of the time when we dislike a particular food we don’t have to remind our body that it is unpleasant to our taste buds, and if we force our bodies to consume that nasty food, the body will automatically gag. Well, this is the same thing that happens in relationships when we consistently ignore our feelings and go along with what we “think” or “desire.”  If it’s wrong sooner or later our emotions will begin to make our body gag, so pay more attention to what your body has to say and less to what your mind “thinks” it knows.

The difference between thinking and feeling is that one requires an opinion and one does not. Opinion by definition is the view somebody takes about a certain issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment. Love is not personal – it’s simply meant or not meant to be!