The difference between love and friendship to me is like having different keys. They all may open doors, some only one, others may seem to fit the grooves but won’t turn… but one is a master key and it is allowed to open all the doors. The perfect combination is having both a master key along with that little key that opens the safe in the master bedroom, and the luxury suite.

The keys that fit into the door, but does not actually open it we tend to hand out on a regular basis, because society has taught us that its “polite” The beauty of this friendship is that you can hand out these keys all day every day, and those friends will never know that they have a useless key because they will never be invited into your house.

The key that only opens only one door is reserved for close friends and family members outside of your intimate circle. It’s usually the conference room, the kitchen or the living room, all places where things always appear to be in order… just don’t open any cabinets or closet to find a mess. In these rooms of friendship you can congregate and share your current life story. This usually includes bitching about life, talking about others, or story telling…. The beauty of this key is that these people get to see only select parts of your house and you control the clicker to the slide show;)

The master key finds you, you don’t find it. In other words, we don’t choose love we just fall. The master key looks just like the rest of the keys, but it feels different and you never leave home without, because its guarded by honesty, love, friendship trust, commitment, and most of all responsibility. It’s the key that reads “it is illegal to copy or reproduce this key in any way shape or form,” because in the end only the original will open the most precious door of all and that’s True Love with all that you are, and all that you have, this key opens every door for the rest of your life.