Emotions are complicated but they can be made simple, if we pay attention. What’s the difference between “thinking” verses “knowing?” Most of the time in life we find ourselves in trouble because we “think” we “know” something… its that feeling of mistrust or doubt that creates worry, especially because we “think” something has happened based on speculation. Self-explanations seem to comfort the mind, but in reality all they do is provide a comfort blanket to believe in what ever we desire thus the term “Bull Shit!”

Knowing is far-reaching, substantial, forthcoming, and sensitive, it contains none of the cloaked deception. In other words, there are no false impressions or figment of the imagination, just straight answers thus the term “No Bull Shit!”

My advice is simple… worry only about the things that you can control in life because worrying about things that you cannot control is ineffective. Don’t “think”, but “know” before you react and the end result will be one that is both on point and to the point and that’s “ No Bull Shit!”