“I like hanging out with this one, but I am just not attracted to him sexually”, and “this one is hot but he’s an ass”, and “this one can rock my world like nobody in bed but the conversations suck”, and finally” this one is so sweet but everything is always the same.”

Ever had any of the above thoughts, and enjoyed fascinating conversations with your girlfriends wondering how you can harness the power to change a few things about one of the men above, or even put two of them together?

Ladies, the one you are looking for won’t have everything because no one does, but when you get to the point where things are so good they become hard to express in words, trust me you have found the one.

Remember that satisfaction and perfection are two different things, and often times the quest for perfection leads to a life of relationship battles where the other person walks away with a piece of your heart that you wish you never gave away. Satisfaction leads to a bunch of days where those awful conversations with your girlfriend become less, because when you are satisfied your body starts talking to your mind and others can tell by the smile and glow that’s all over your body.

Conversation provides belief and the ability to excel and work out problems in life. Without it the lack of expression leads to major frustration (it’s like having a piece of tape on your mouth, nothing you say is heard or understood). Finances provide a comfort zone in which life can be enjoyed and explored – without it life seems like prison (stress, fear and worries all the time). Sex is like the batteries to a mechanical device; without that energy the machine will not work and every now and then you have to change them because they will go dead (without new and creative things sex just becomes a chore or exercise). Finally, Family provides the “ROCK” to your existence – R-responsibility, O-organization, C-communication, and K-knowledge (there is no greater lesson in life than raising a kid or getting to see one grow up). THE ONE will understand all of the above.  So what are you waiting for?  Go find him! HAHA