Most likely when the word dancing comes to mind we all think of a beat, some kind of fluid motion, or in some cases a jerky and down right embarrassing motion that moves in opposition to the beat. Ever stop to wonder just how good most people are at dancing around the issues of everyday life. It’s like sliding on a piece of ice in that you know that in an instance you could totally bus your ass but yet we do it repeatedly. Well, it is this same kind of maneuvering that the majority of us have mastered in relation to dealing with what I call the facts of life.

How many of us have said “Man I swear I am never doing that again,” but then without much deliberation in an instance something propels us to do that very same thing over and over again. This my friends is just like dancing, in that its absolutely amazing that the person with the weakest dance skills is usually in the center of the dance floor bringing a tremendous amount of energy to the room with out the slightest clue that they are truly one of the worst dancers on the planet! You all know how this scene plays out everyone in the whole club is laughing and all the attention is focused on that one person but instead of retreating or toning it down they assume that their moves are spectacular and they begin to break it down even more while others are whispering that fool looks a mess. In life when we dance around important issues that need to be corrected this is the same view the world takes on us. The only difference here is that you become that person in the center of the dance floor with those signature awkward motions and bad reviews.

Sure it’s ok to let go every now and then but only a fool stands in quick sand not noticing that the world around them is getting smaller and smaller by the second. Bad habits are hard to break but better to break your bad habits then to have them break you! Today’s message is intended to remind all of us that its better to learn the dance moves before putting your dance shoes on because you never know when the whole room is watching you because you look like a monkey … haha. In other words if you have things in your life that need adjusting or fixing or maybe something’s have just been up and down for way too long. My advice is simple stop dancing that same old three step (one step forward two steps back) and learn the one step also known as Moving On Up!