Well, yesterday was here and now it’s gone, just as the days before and after it, it lasted about 24 hours. Take a look around everything is still the same with the exception of all us being one day older.

Love is not some random force or freak accident of nature that needs to be hyped up by the notion that out of 366 days in a year we are considerate enough to donate one day in the name of love….. Just ask yourself if you made a chart comparing yesterday to most every other day, what are the differences and should there really be an abundance of temporary changes in professing ones love?

Consistency is a beautiful thing a card, chocolate, teddy bear, jewelry, or any gift for that matter is nothing more than a note that reads “I LOVE YOU.” In other words it can be in the form of a phone call, a hug, a simple good morning, a wink of the eye, a simple good night, a smile, and most of all, an aura of emotions that plays over and over like a broken record letting you know that no matter what, the number one love in your life is always and should always be yourself.

No one in this world will ever love you or your family as much as you do, and when you venture outside of that realm in the name of love, it is important to know that you are saying “Hey, I like me, I am not perfect, but I am still working on me, and the best part about me is that I am stuck with me, so I have no choice but to love and appreciate me each and everyday because being me is a gift and a blessing that happens 366 days of the year and not just on Valentines Day!

When you love yourself to the point that you don’t care about what others think, then and only then does the gift of love become a gift in which you are entitled to share with others and trust me it comes and goes just as being single does, but the beauty of truly understanding love is knowing that you cant ever be single from yourself.

This message is intended to trigger the mind into understanding that no one is ever left out or should feel sad on Valentines Day, because the first and number one love of your life is you, and guess what, you were born with that love the moment you entered this world!!!

Happy Day After