Hope, by definition is a feeling that something desirable is likely to happen. Sometimes in life hope is all we have to hold onto – it’s right up there with a belief in a higher authority. Hope gives us strength when our bodies have nothing left to give. Hope allows our dreams to have longevity when the end seems near. Hope shows us love and support even when those we love sometimes fail. Hope keeps us young as we get older and makes us older when we are younger. To me it’s the best kept secret in life, with hope we can overcome the unknown and pursue what ever our hearts desire.

Understand that everyday is a gift and a challenge, with hope we are grateful for the gift of life and excited about any challenge that may fall upon us. Without hope and faith humans would give up on a lot of things. Hope and faith are like oxygen and water we must have both or survival becomes impossible.

In an ideal world, we would all have giant smiles on our faces thinking about the things we want to happen in life but that’s not always the case due to certain obstacles that seem to come and go. Starting today, hope for a better future dream for a better tomorrow and know that the only way to get there is one step at a time. The good news is that hope is free and we can have as much of it as we desire. It is my wish that we all take advantage of the fact that hope in most cases brings about a brighter dream and starts the motion towards optimal courage and fulfillment!