It is a quiet beast that lives in all of us! Sometimes it’s just a thought or a personal “momentito,” that allows us to be naughty or nice. It can produce such reactions as a simple smile, or it can elevate the temperature in any room to sizzling! By definition,Lust is any intense desire or craving for self gratification. Lust can mean strictly sexual, although it is also common to speak of a “Lust for life when referring to things such as food, materialistic items or danger”

We have all had those moments where we see a fine individual and that little inner person with in us, steps to the front and starts saying things like – “OOOOO, OH MY GOD YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO TO YOU…LUCKY I HAVE A SIGNIFICANT OTHER, BUT DAMN THAT DOES NOT MEAN I CAN’T LOOK. NOW TURN AROUND SO I CAN CHECK YOU OUT!”

The beauty of lusting after something is that it allows for exploration of the human mind with just the right amount of exaggeration. It’s not the actual action that turns our hormones on, or makes us want to go full steam ahead, but it’s the notion of utter joy and perfection mixed with the imagination that allows us to recreate the seen in our minds over and over again while editing the story to perfection.

Ever wonder why in our imagination scenarios are so perfect but in reality they never seem to meet our exact expectations? Well, it’s because when we lust using our imagination we perform from the inside out, and when we execute the actions in reality; we perform from the outside in. In other words, when we lust mentally there are no question marks. It is absolutely clear as to what, and how we want things to be, but when we actually perform these tasks the over all grade, reaction, and activity is based on the enjoyment, and approval of the other person. Meaning we deviate from our own person lustful satisfactions, because acceptance and approval by the other party overrides our personal patterns of exploration, and we become servants without even knowing it. This my friends, is my theory as to why those breath taking lust affairs appear perfect in the brain but less than perfect in reality.