Effort is mental or physical energy that is exerted in order to achieve a purpose. Very few people in life put forth the kind of effort that extends beyond the point of exhaustion. The most successful people in life don’t attempt to do things…. they simply skip that initial step of “what if” and start right in with the “when I conquer this quest that is before me the next step is going to be bigger, better and greater” …… In other words they have learned to harness the power of believing in themselves, and the effort that they are capable of putting forth to the point of absolute self-confidence. Meaning that no matter the goal, difficulty, or circumstances they will have a winning or desirable outcome.

How many times in life have you been angry or down right mad about something to the point that your body temperature rises. What if you had that same intensity or adrenaline rush in regards to positive endeavors in life. What most people fail to realize is that there is amazing power in falling to the ground and having the ability to stand back up, because if you hit the ground hard enough or one too many times you will make sure that you never see it again.

So which way will you choose? You can make an “attempt” to do an abundance of things in life, or you can put forth an endless “effort” to constantly improve all the things in your life. An attempt is just that an attempt to get the job done but an effort implies that unless you give up or die you will never be done improving your life. Take advantage of having the ability to put forth your best effort starting today and see where it takes you and your life. Remember often times in life the most talented people are at the top because they simply worked harder and gave an effort beyond the point of  exhaustion, but amazingly they were born with the same gifts and abilities as you, me and the rest of the world! The only difference is that where most people quit and give up the most talented people are just getting started because their best effort is always their STARTING POINT!!!