Ever wonder why the human mind is quite capable of producing voices when there is not an actual person talking to you? You know it’s that voice of your conscious inner mind that rings over and over in your head like a blazing fire alarm. Whispers have a way of some times being louder than the human voice itself.

The interesting thing about whispers or silent voices of the mind is that they reveal or remind us of our deepest thoughts and most often our truest thoughts. So then the real question becomes how do we know when to pay attention or ignore those little voices that are most often in contrast to what we desire most? Confirmation from close friends or a specialist won’t make the voices go away. The only thing that will resolve these matters in the correct manner are multiple voices. For example are the voices in your heart and mind in agreement with the reality of the world? Meaning, even if the heart and mind are in disagreement as to what the truth is in any given situation, you can be assured that life is providing very powerful hints as to which voice should be acted upon.

The major problem with whispers of the human conscious is that they are rarely translated into a volume that can be heard or seen by others. A one man team in life is the quickest way to ensure ultimate defeat, based on the premise that words like family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and best friends exist for a reason. Name one team that has won a major championship with only one man on the field. Better yet, name the title of a great story that was never told… “You” get the point. Without expression and support our most inner thoughts just becomes an untold story that will never grow because no one knows about it.  The band wagon of annoying little voices will start to multiply because there is no outlet or exit for them to materialize or be destroyed.

Today’s message is intended to remind us that sometimes our mind, body and soul screams out for attention when change is needed. We should recognize that these particular humanistic qualities lack the ability to talk in a verbal manner, so its up to us to make sure our expressions – whether silent or out a loud don’t end up on the “What could have happened if I only listen to myself. One thing is for sure in life, and that is the fact that once today is gone, tomorrow wont replace it – so pay attention to today, because it makes for a better tomorrow!