Ecstasy by definition is a feeling of intense delight. Often times in life because of work, family, kids, friends, school, or even relationships we tend to over look the multitude of simple pleasures that surrounds us everyday. How about those mornings when you wake up early, only to realize that you have a few more hours to sleep.

Then, there is that day where you find those old jeans you’ve been neglecting to wear for a while and in the pocket you find a ten dollar bill. What about standing in line waiting to pay for that new outfit only to find out that its on sale and it cost less than expected (damn should have picked up two)! Let’s not forget about some of those comments that just seem to happen at just the right time… Like “hello, wow, have you been working out? You look amazing today,” or “is that outfit new it looks great on you.”

Then there’s the imagination that sets up a variety of simple thoughts of work, or school ending early for the day… in your mind you can see the car ride home… quick stop at the market to pick up your favorite ice cream while thinking about how good its going to taste later that night – as you watch your favorite T.V. show, in your favorite old raggedy but yet comfortable house outfit. Oh yeah, and lets not forget about the joy we feel when glazing at our cell phones caller I.D. knowing that you don’t want to talk to the person on the other end and you don’t have to answer the phone…(LMAO we all do it)

Sometimes in life rather than complain you just have to sit back and say to yourself “you know my life doesn’t suck!” If we all stop and pay attention just a little bit more each day, I think we would all discover that joy is found all around us if we take the time to STOP LOOK AND LISTEN… remember learning that in grade school?