Why are so many of us reluctant to admit that the internet plays an important role in our everyday activity? Is it shame, uncertainty, embarrassment, ignorance, or just plain silly?

The internet is nothing more then the modern day telephone with the element of sight added into the mix. The whole point of communication is to express oneself while letting the other party involved discover who you are.

Is it possible to see a person through words on a screen? Absolutely, in fact most of the time a few written sentences will be a better indicator than a mouth full of “BS,” as to what kind of person is before you. In other words, when you can see the “BS” in front of you, you’re less likely to step in it.

The bottom line is this…there is no magic to online sites, if you are a jerk, freak, nerd, player, geek, ugly, hot, fat, sexy, in real life the same applies online (eventually the truth will be revealed). The computer is only as dumb as we make it!

There is nothing new under the sun, it’s all been here since day one. Don’t give the computer a bad reputation just because it’s a visual reflection of the crazy world we live in. It’s amazing how much more we can see and understand when we use our brains, eyes and ears! Just like the telephone if you don’t want to talk just hang up. The real truth is that to most people sites like FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace have become their Best Friends!