Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jackson, Babe Ruth, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and this list could go on forever but what if Michael Jordan never held a basketball or Martin Luther King Jr. never made that famous “I Have a Dream Speech”?

Life is a complex and mystifying phenomenon. If we believe in the notion that everyone is put on this earth for a reason and purpose, what happens when some of those people never make it into the world to see or achieve their mission or purpose in life?

What if you were personally responsible for stopping slavery, or inventing electricity, how about the vaccinations for so many deadly viruses? How far we have advanced in our civilization is a major accomplishment, but how far we could have advanced, or how many wars and tragedies we could have prevented is a better question! If only that unborn soul was allowed to become!

Abortion is a tuff topic, but look at it this way, use your imagination and imagine the following- You can hear but you can not speak, trapped inside of your mother’s womb, you kick, scream, and cry but your efforts are not heard… Over and over you hear the words I am going to kill it, and your heart starts to race, tears start to flow and yet your voice is not heard… I am not here to force any woman to do anything that she does not want to do but switch places with all the unborn babies in the world who can not speak. Do you choose life or death? Very few things in life go on forever, but its amazing that both life and death last forever with a revolving door on each side- don’t stop the door from turning because without it, the puzzle of life would forever be a box of puzzle pieces that’s missing the most important part ,which is the expression of life! No words, no misunderstandings, its a picture that paints a thousands words, which has the ability to be different to each of us, so now imagine a picture of a dead fetus and ask yourself is that a story you want to tell? One that is void of life but yet it expresses a story of great sorrow, and what could have been…