Charm is that most creative quality that delights or attracts. It’s the kind of thing that never stays the same. It mutates every few minutes in order to maintain an aura of magic and control. Why are humans so attracted to charm and often fooled by it?

I’ll tell you why, it’s because charm is faceless! Its equivalent to those imaginary friends we all had as kids when we use to play “make believe.” In our minds those friends were real and their lure was uncontrollable, because they had the potential to do and be what ever we wanted. The imagination is infinite and because of this we often go beyond what’s happen at the moment because we are focused on the end result and not the journey. Remember that life will provide you with many rewards if you recognize and enjoy the process in order to learn from each of life’s experiences as they occur. The sooner you reach you goal the sooner your greatness ends (think about that for a second).

This charm phenomenon happens in life when we go out on some of those first dates only to realize that we have been charmed and the person that’s sitting before us is not the same person that was so smooth on the phone with the talented vocal skills. LOL Charm can capture our attention pretty effortlessly because of its ability to manipulate any given situation, but it is void of endurance and it is for this reason that it wears off eventually. In other words charm is the kind of trait that only has the power to sustain itself for as long as it is performed or practiced. Beware my friends of the kind of charm that is here today and gone the next, avoid it at all cost. If you are asking yourself so how does one do that, the answer is simple PAY ATTENTION!!!! The more you pay attention the more you learn the difference between substance and bullshit.