Sometimes you wake up in life and all you can do is wonder why me, what is going on, and how am I ever going to fix or get out of this mess? Oh, and don’t tell me I am getting sick… This my friends is called life, because these sometimes overwhelming obstacles that we most often perceive as being disastrous are nothing more than experiences for the mind body and soul. Just as our bodies need nourishment to survive so does our portfolio of life – for without those little episodes also known as “drama,” our lives would be nothing more than a blank sheet of paper with lots of holes.

Its funny but you never hear people say “wow I got some good drama or some good issues to deal with today, and I can’t wait to enjoy them.” As humans it’s important for us to realize that the reality of life is that everyone has issues in which they have to deal with both good and bad.

We tend to cherish those magnificent days, you know the one’s where you know all your bills are paid, family is doing well, looking good as you check yourself out in the mirror, and to top it off it’s the week-end.” But what about those uneventful so called ordinary days? Can we really call any day that we are allowed to live undeserving of our attention?

Today’s message is just a simple reminder to us all to remember that whether the drama in your life is good or bad, it could always be better and the more we look to see the greater picture of life, the brighter the colors will shine and the more we will see the things that moves us to be at our best all the time!