The American Dream, where the impossible becomes possible: filled with anticipation, excitement, extraordinary efforts, monumental ideas, and an undying strength of character that represents humanity at its best and worst! Born and raised on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland, from birth to the age of four, with out a steady home; Tuba Player Richard White knows all about overcoming potential life threatening and life altering obstacles that stifle individual evolution and development.

The funny thing about being born in America, speaking as one who was homeless, is that in most cases, with nothing more than those natural born gifts of mind, body, and soul, we are totally unaware of our individual state of poverty – because each day is simply dedicated to surviving until the next day occurs. In other words, an unconscious default apparatus – that anything is possible day by day – defines the core characteristic of a strong-minded homeless person in America. This attitude is so often belittled and ignored by the rest of the world, because the majority of our country’s population lacks the integrity and courage to communicate with the less fortunate in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way outside of societal comfort zones. Thus, the less fortunate are treated without the same admiration and respect that basic human civility requires.

When the state of nothingness is your most valuable asset, its pretty amazing how it can be transformed into the norm by an obligatory method of surviving in ignorant bliss. If you are fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones who eventually adapt accordingly to societal decorum to overcome the most extraordinary of odds, it’s labeled as a blessing. From the streets of Baltimore Maryland to my life as it exists today moving forward one step at a time.