“Are. A. W”

“Are. A. W” When U R the lowest pitched instrument in the brass family, at one time the only family you got, you are painfully aware that even jazz and the blues have a bottom. A low end theory. [...]

Black and White

We could all probably tell stories for days, but I would like to share a few. Racism, ignorance, and prejudice are three very different things. Also, we can not just simply put one race into a negative category. In [...]


Every now and then I like to think out loud. Sometimes in life things happen and it makes us realize something about the way we see the world! Not many in this bubble called “life” imagines they could die [...]


Sometimes you wake up in life and all you can do is wonder why me, what is going on, and how am I ever going to fix or get out of this mess? Oh, and don’t tell me I [...]