It’s the land of the free where the sky is the limit and the ability to control our own destiny is unlimited. Full of over whelming hope and opportunity this great country is not void of problems but the determination of most Americans can be described as extraordinary.

Things like family, wealth, education, and freedom, allow us to dream and dream big! In most cases altering our intended or unintended path in life. Ask yourself, is it the opportunities in America that make our country so appealing or is it the struggles and triumphs that we face on a daily bases in which we refuse to settle making us that much wiser, stronger, appreciative, and progressive.

Americans may have their share of problems but look around in a lot of areas the work is being done to improve the standard of living. True some Americans are over weight but take a trip to the gym skinny people, fat people, muscular people, and weak people, are all in the gym trying to make a difference. Its this effort that makes America one of the best countries on the planet.

Most of the time in life its not really about where you start, but more about where you finish…..any life that is a work in progress and that pretty much applies to all humans has the potential to be monumental.

Think about what it means to you to be an American and do your part to move The United States of America in the right direction. Even if its just as simple as making a better you. A wise man once said “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask the question of what you can do for it!”

Keep in mind that it’s not about living as individuals in this world but more about living together to make a better world, where the right to be an individual contributes to making each generation better than the last.  Remember to take pride in the fact that we are Americans understanding that people we don’t even know are dying as we speak to maintain this freedom that we so often take for granted. Make the most out of every minute of everyday because good or bad once it” gone it’s not coming back. As we get older seconds become hours, minutes become days, and weeks become months, so don’t wait too long to realize that time stands still for no one, and its in our best interest to create memories of our own life that will coexist with the world long after we are gone.


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