We live in a country that is self centered. Where we are blinded by the extended need to help, or fully understand the struggles of others! Until your company goes bankrupt, fires individuals, someone you know gets sick, natural disaster takes all that you own, robbery, identity theft, divorce, death, or any kind of devastating event, most of us don’t care enough to take action! In other words, if its not in your backyard it’s not your problem. One thing I know for sure, there is nothing new under the sun and what goes around comes around, so no one is immune to needing one another to care! Somehow we are satisfied with a tweet or a facebook message that simply acknowledges that something happened and although we may feel bad… it goes scrolling away down the computer screen and then out of sight out of mind!

Once upon a time when a guest visited your house it was a big deal, walking to the store to get an ice cream, the landline ringing, oh and lets not forget getting a personal letter in the mail from a friend! We are forgetting what it means to be human. Much like the computer we are becoming robots void of physical action, conversation, emotions, extended compassion and most of all humanistic growth. We were put on this earth to live and work together. The ability to care beyond your own circle is vital because a closed circle means that when its your turn for needing help others will not be able to enter!

This message is not so much to criticize, but to wake up our conscience, compassion and concern for everyones well being in a effort to be better for the betterment of all!