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Ever wonder why the human mind is quite capable of producing voices when there is not an actual person talking to you? You know it’s that voice of your conscious inner mind that rings over and [...]


It is a quiet beast that lives in all of us! Sometimes it’s just a thought or a personal “momentito,” that allows us to be naughty or nice. It can produce such reactions as a [...]

The Day After

Well, yesterday was here and now it’s gone, just as the days before and after it, it lasted about 24 hours. Take a look around everything is still the same with the exception of all [...]


Hope, by definition is a feeling that something desirable is likely to happen. Sometimes in life hope is all we have to hold onto – it’s right up there with a belief in a higher [...]


Ecstasy by definition is a feeling of intense delight. Often times in life because of work, family, kids, friends, school, or even relationships we tend to over look the multitude of simple pleasures that surrounds [...]


Charm is that most creative quality that delights or attracts. It’s the kind of thing that never stays the same. It mutates every few minutes in order to maintain an aura of magic and control. [...]


I’M NOT AFRAID … sometimes life just gets to the point where we need to scream with all that we are, and all that we have- inside life burns with so much frustration that we [...]


Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jackson, Babe Ruth, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and this list could go on forever but what if Michael Jordan never held a basketball or Martin Luther King Jr. [...]


Why are so many of us reluctant to admit that the internet plays an important role in our everyday activity? Is it shame, uncertainty, embarrassment, ignorance, or just plain silly? The internet is nothing more [...]


Effort is mental or physical energy that is exerted in order to achieve a purpose. Very few people in life put forth the kind of effort that extends beyond the point of exhaustion. The most [...]

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